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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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you have to do it. >> and it's america. be need to find that middle ground. that's what the people want. they don't want us holding hands skipping down to the state of the union address. >> we've got to go. >> they want us to work together. >> thank you, senator. i'll be right back in one hour from now, 7:00 eastern with a new edition of "hardball." . i meant it, she's one of the best. anyway, we'll be talking more. good evening, i'm cenk uygur, live tonight from miami, where it's fun. we've got a great show for you tonight. coming up we've got these stories. the republicans want more concessions from president obama in his state of the union. c'mon, dude, really? the president has done plenty to appease conservatives this year, and i'm going to show you a whole list in a second of all the things he compromised on. i want to know what he's going to do for progress ifrs the senator sherrod brown will join
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muss. democrats are not taking darrell icea's investigation lying down. in the first hearing they challenged him and it got heated. drama. we'll show you the tape and get reaction from a democrat who sparred with icea. and is it possible that the bush administration broke the law and grout away with it? shocking. say it ain't so. details of the la yous that karl rove and his political operation broke. we begin with a big night for president obama. in just three hours, the president is giving to give his state of the union address, one of the big political moments for any president. president obama by all accounts is expected to deliver a, quote, centrist speech. if it was actually centrist, as in the political center of the country, i would love it. i'm afraid it's going to appeal, instead, to the center of the washington, d.c. establishment, which is entirely different.
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in my opinion, all this president ever talks about is compromise. do the republicans return the favor? well, you be the judge. here's what minority leader mitch mcconned told a group of journalists and political insiders just this morning, quote -- if the president is willing to do what i and my members would do anyway, we're not going to say no. wow, is he not merciful? if obama agrees to everything he wants, he will let him. wow, that's bipartisan compromise. but in the past two years, president obama has already taken so many republican proposals that their responsibility tonight really ought to be just four words -- thank you, president obama. let me prove my case to you. extending tax cuts for the top income bracket will cost the federal government $90 billion over two years. president obama just agreed to that. and when you count the estate tax, the capital gains tax, the
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dividend tax the carried interest tax and the giant tax cuts given in all of those categories, well, the rich just got over $400 billion in tax cuts, and the republicans loved it. then, of course, there's the $9 trillion in emergency overnight loans the fed made to the major banks and wall street firms between 2008 and may of 2009. for almost no interest. now, of course, the banks loved that, and then promptly gave all their mine to the republican candidates. then there are the countless other gop priorities that the president has agreed to implement. >> today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. >> today i'm proepg a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers. >> the president's outlining executive order. he talked in there about regulations in the op-ed that lack common sense. >> how did that oil drilling work out?
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right. we had the bp disaster afterwards. how does all those republican talking points coming from a democratic president make any sense? then of course there's the stimulus money that the republicans complained about, but took in droves anyway. yeah, of course, the famous republican governor chris christie, a hero now among republicans, for the state of new jersey, he received $7.2 billion in tax breaks from the stimulus package. then minnesota republican tim pawlenty wanted $424 million from the stimulus to prevent a massive cuts in k-12 education that he would have otherwise, quote, had to make. and then we learned today that texas republican governor rick perry used stimulus money to plug -- are you ready for this? -- 97% of his budget shortfall. did we get a thank-you note? anybody saying hey, mr. president, thank you so much for that stimulus money? otherwise my budget would have been a disaster. shh, no, we didn't get that
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thank-you note. how about health care reform? in the final package we had 161 republican amendments that were accepted and incorporated into the reform effort? you know how many rep votes we got in favor of the big anyway? are you following along? are you going to be able to guess? of course, not one republican in the house or the senate voted for the final reform bill. and then when it comes to the issue of government-run health care, of the 47 republican senators and 242 republican house members currently in congress -- so that would be a total of 289 republicans in all, five have accepted the call to turn down their own government-funded health care coverage. that would be five. the rest all said government-run health care? when it comes to me, i love it, gimme, gimme, gamer. do we get a thank-you note? >> how about financial reform?
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obama barely laid a glove on the banks. he didn't put any cap on how much money they could gamble with. he didn't put a cap on it whether they could take it from us, means the depositors, and guess what? the banks are back to record while we're sitting near 10% unemployment. in the third quarter of 2010, so-called american companies, by the way, they're actually multinationals, had their best profit quarter in history. did we get a thank-you note? i don't think we did. on wall street, the dow is now back up to right around 12,000. it did we get a thank-you note? so the chamber of commerce, who spent over $70 million trying to defeat democrats in 2010 should sent the president a huge thank-you note. the hedge fund managers and big banks that spent money buying republicans and defeating democrats should send the president a huge thank-you note. the republican party who got all
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those concessions and all those tax cuts, and who called the president a socialist anyway should just drink a tall glass of shut-up juice and just send a card that reads "thank you, mr. president." my guess is they're not going to go in that direction. joining mess is ohio senator sherrod brown. have you gotten a thank-you note from the republicans for all the concessions that they were given? >> i guess i haven't. i haven't also got a class of, what did you say shut-up juice? that's pretty good. >> that's from "the rock." >> the republicans vote against all this, of course they do. i mean, you know, there's an argument, as c.j. dionne said, some columnist in the post said some time ago, some democrats advocate moving to the center and the republicans keep moving to the center, and this crowd is far to the right. you know, the fear when senator
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bennett, the utah senator, not the really good colorado senator, when he lost his caucus primary, he's a very conservative man. he's a decent guy, works with democrats some. he lost in the utah republican primary caucus, that made republicans even more far right, because they're all afraid of getting attacked from the right. so, you know, we saw some good things in the lame duck between november and january. i'm hopeful we can do some of those things, but not moving further to the right, but finding ways to find some common ground. i think we can do that on some issues, about you it doesn't mean raising the social security eligibility for social security. it doesn't mean cutting medicare, it doesn't mean cutting a lot of things that republicans think they're going to try to get done. >> so, senator brown, you just mentioned social security. i read today that president obama had to be talked out of including in his speech cuts on
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social security or raising the age, and that liberal senators talked him out of that. is there any truth to that that you know of? >> i don't know. i can't believe in the end there is. the problem in this town, ce in. k, as you know, is there are a bunch of people that dress like this that don't know too many seniors that are struggling. they forget that social security, the average social security payment in this country is about $14,000 a year, and an awful lot of americans rely on that for overwhelming amount of their income when they're above 62 or 65. they also don't really know enough people, when they think about raising the retirement age, they don't really know people who are on their feet all day, that work in a factory, that work in a diner, that work as a clerk in a grocery store. they don't know how hard that work is, and how you can't work until you're 70. so to me, and i think to most democrats, and certainly progressives, raising the retirement age, cuts in social security are off the table.
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not after tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and then going after social security? i'm not part of that. most of us won't be part of that. that's not going to happen. >> senator brown, though, if the story is true, and i for aer that it is true, it seems like we're always trying to pull the president back to being a democrat. it seems like his instinct is what can i give to the republicans? it looks like he's going to ask for a three-year spending freeze on domestic programs, including air traffic control? that doesn't seem like a good program to freeze up. he already froze the employees pay for the federal employees. he already said we're going to take away regulations and bought into the republican framing that that somehow cost us jobs. are you concerned about this -- what i see to be a significant rightward shift of the president? >> i'm concerned about the push from -- from some in the administration, and within the administration, and some one the house and senate that want to
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see the president move in that direction, but of course we're disappointed sometimes, but also look what we've seen in the last two years. we ratified the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. we've seen economic growth for a year after at the way this started out. we see an auto industry that's back on its feet in providing jobs in states like ohio. we say lily led berbetter. again, i would have had amendments, i tried in some cases on capping the size of banks, but we didn't pass those, but we had pretty incredible accomplishments in the last two years, all of it sort of clouded over, because the economy is still bad, but you don't blame the president for that. he at least has turned it around in the right direction. all right. you know, i've got to ask you one last question, senator. the points you make are fair. there have been some progressive
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things that were passed, no question about it, lilly-ledbetter, you had the list. is there a point where you say, i'm sorry, mr. president, i can't go along with that? >> sure, i've done that on some things, of course, but i don't want to prejudge the speech that way. i don't want to prejudge after the speech what the reaction is, but the progressive forces in the democratic party are strong. we're not going to see anybody -- suctionfully going after security or going after medicare. we're not going to see the fundamental democratic tenets of our country, what the progressive movement has done in this country? we're not going to see that undercut and rolled back. we're just not going to let it happen. >> all right. i like that kind of talk. i like the talk where you don't like cutting social security, and i hope the president is on your side. senator brown, thank you so much for joining us on the show. i really appreciate it. >> thanks.
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all right. now, for more announcements, let me bring in bob shall rum, a professor at new york university. bob, what do you make of this centrist approach? do you think it's politically necessary? or do you think it might not be smart politics? >> i think he'll capture the idea that we have to be first in innovation, technology, and education, and by doing that be first in job creation. to me that echos some of the aspirations of fdr, some of the aspirations of jfk. there will be disagreements that we have, details that people don't like, but the fact of the matter is, i think when we look back oto'bama administration, we're going to think he was a great, progressive president.
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>> i definitely disagree with that -- >> i didn't mean to shock you by saying that. >> yeah. so, let me go to one of the things you mentioned in there. you say that this approach can help, right? and it goes to the center of the country. i'm not convinced that it does. when you look to cut all spending or freeze all spending for three years, and when you go to, as we were talking with senator brown, on the issue of freezing federal employees, and saying that regulations are bad, and need to be rethought, et cetera, doesn't that validate all the republican talking points and make winning elections as a democrat harder? >> i think we have to wait and listen to what he's going to say. i think he's going to say there are areas we're going to cut back, but areas where we'll have to invest a lot more. if we don't invest a lot more, the big questions on the minds
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of the american people, is this country in decline? are we in a situation where china will overtake us? we're going to get the wrong answers to those questions. he knows those are big challenges. i think much like jfk, he's going to challenge the american people to rise to that. i think it will be very powerful. i think we'll invest more in some areas, that's what he'll propose, and there will be cuts in other areas. some regulations are stupid. if we're allowing people to put saccharin into diet soda, then we probably shouldn't list it as something that belongs in a toxic waste category. we should do one or the other, take it out of the diet cola or take it off the toxic waste list. >> of course some regulations are stupid. everybody knows that. every regulation is awesome? no, that's absurd, but when you say in an op-ed in the "wall street journal," all regulations have cost jobs, that's exactly a republican talking point. you can certainly day it in a did i way.
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and look, i hope that he gets some of those positive parts in the speech that you're referring to through congress, but i'm also skeptical about that. that's not his fault. that would be the republicans' fault for not doing the investments. >> he's got to define the grounds of the debate. that's what he has to do tonight. he's not going to pass all of this, about you he's got to say this is what we stand for, this is what the country ought to stand for, and i think you'll see democrats responding very favorably to that. >> i hope you're right on that, bob, i really do. i look forward to the good parts of the speech and will try to restrain myself when he starts sounding like a republican. >> no, no, i'll bet a couple years from now you'll agree with that he's been a great progressive president. >> how much? you name your price. >> okay. 50 bucks. we'll do that bet off-air. 50 bucks?
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easy, done. take care. >> thank you. bye. coming up, a federal investigation finds that george bush's political team repeatedly broke the law by using taxpayer money to get republicans elected. we'll have the damning details. and today's darrell issa's witch-hunt got off to a rocky start. democrats struck back. all right. i like that. now we're having fun. we'll show you the tape. stay right with us. [ steam hissing ] an accident doesn't have to slow you down. from accident forgiveness and 24-hour claims assistance to a lifetime repair guarantee, we help you move on. to learn more, visit us today. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility.
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all right. welcome back. by the way, you know, through all my skepticism on the state of the union, i still do get a buzz from it. so i can't wait to see it. don't get me wrong. paul ryan will give the response to the state of the union tonight, also something worth buzzing over, but he scored a bigger coupe when house republicans passed a resolution to give him the ability to single handedly cut ought nonsecurity spending to 2008 levels. at the won't pass the democratic senate, but it's curious that republicans voted in lockstep to give all the power to one lawmaker from the state of wisconsin. ryan is a fiscal hawk, or at least he claims that when he's in and out cutting taxes. he has proposed privatizing
6:22 pm
social security and gutting medicare, but here's the thing. his right-wing ideas seem moderate compared to most of the republican caucus. he's proposed cutting $60 to $80 billion in the budget, but the republican study committee has its own proposal. it calls for at least $100 billion of cuts immediately and on the way to $2.5 trillion in federal budget cuts overial. let's talk about it a bit more with congresswoman rosa delora of connecticut. first, i want to ask you about a couple lists here. i have a list of the cuts. they are looking to cut pbs, national document for the
6:23 pm
amounts, am track, and the ones i agree with, the federal travel budget, not all of it. the prohibition on competent tiff sourcing of government services, which if they actually did stop, and the usda sugar program, which is a subsidy for sugar. do some of those make sense? and, two, what do you think about the pbs and all the other ones they have always wanted to target? >> let's put this into a context. they said what they wanted to do was to create jobs. they wanted to protect the middle class and deal with a deficit reductions. the first opportunity was how do we repeal and repeat health care, which is a job creator, which would have a devastating effect and would have $230 billion to the deficit.
6:24 pm
and they have -- there's some pieces here that they have laid out, but in fact there are really no real specifics to what they're going to do. others would have to judge the impact on ordinary people. the fact of the matter is if you take a look at cutting for state and local government, what does that mean in terms of services? would that mean an increase in property taxes to families you know, at the moment, no rhyme or reason to what they are doing to try and meet the first need that
6:25 pm
the public has scud us to deal with, create jobs. where are they? where are their proposals to create jobs and put our economy back on track again? they're not there. with this, as you pointed out, one individual to make cuts anywhere? i don't think the americans were looking for that kind of effort. they leer look for democrats, republicans to come together and compromise on what that i can sense for the long-term economic growth of this country, to create jobs, and yes, to cut deficits. >> congresswoman, i don't see how the massive spending cuts will do it. make they could make an argument for a long-run solution, but short run they have to admit that doesn't create a single job, but you know, you mentioned specifics.
6:26 pm
you're right the leadership is very brought. ryan is a little more specific, but not very. but when you get to the study group and those are the more right-wing guys, they are specific. for example, they want to prohibit taxpayer-funded union activities by federal employees. they're going after the panel on climate change to help the oil companies. they're going after administrative costs, which means you can't do health care if they cut that. the general assistance to the district of columbia. community development fund. >> these are all of their ideological -- >> it's like a dream hit list. >> they will -- it would be interesting to me to see what they would think about in the next year or the two years' extension on the tax cuts for
6:27 pm
the wealthiest 1% of the people in this nation, and that is about $100,000 to these folks, whether they're willing to cut back that, or where they're going to go to deal with ordinary people. i think this is pretty disengenous about what they want they were going to do when they came to washington. a total flip about how we're going to get this economic right, how do we create jobs? how do we protect the middle class? and how do we bring down the deficit? >> i didn't see a single one that hits the top bracket. every ounce of pain goes to the middle class and the poor. >> you got it. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> appreciate it. thanks. coming up, michele bachmann won't have a democrat to sit with tonight, but i have the perfect date for her. i'll tell you who it should be, ahead.
6:28 pm
and what says a presidential campaign is under way more than an action star? check this out from former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. >> this is the united states of america. it takes an extraordinary effort, commitment and strength. >> tim pawlenty, trying to save the world. he better start with his own career. that dude will get about three votes, if you ask me. more on his goofy ad when we come back. you're watching msnbc. stay with us. ♪
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carol browner is stepping down as president obama's chief adviser on energy and climate matters. her number one goal was to pass a comprehensive energy bill. i don't know if you know this, but that never happened. all that talk about doing something about climate change, washington seems to have cooled on the idea. get it? all right. of course. it's a sign that they have completely and utterly thrown in the towel on doing anything about climate change. that's my take. and tim pawlenty is giving us a sneak peek at the exciting new world we see if he was in charge of the country, with an action-packed trailer for his new book. of course he's also selling his candidacy along with the book, and either way it looks exciting. >> going to the moon wasn't
6:33 pm
easy. settling the west wasn't easy. this is about we're going to have differences, but it's about americans putting their heads down and getting it done. >> is there an american politician who doesn't believe in the american people, or is against rolling up their sleeves? why do they put that in every ad. imagine this -- i say, take a load off, roll up your sleeves -- no, roll it down, let as grab a brew. actually that might work. it would certainly work better than pawlenty's strategy. i don't know, maybe it's me, but i think he has zero chance of winning. i'm amused. if he did an action movie where he said "i'll be back" i would doubt it. investigators have been unable to connect julian asang with the private suspected of giving him classified
6:34 pm
information. this they don't have evidence he actually passed them on to assange, or even that he had direct contact with him. assange previously denied that manning was the source, and it looks like they couldn't prove him long. fox news analyst and possible candidates have already said assange should be hunted down like a terrorist and possibly executed. now it turns out we have no evidence on him. score another one for the fair and balanced team. now, last summer manning was charged with eight charges of violation, and is being held in a brig at quantico. it's been reported that he's been kept in 23 hours of isolation that some experts consider psychological torture. he has not been convicted of anything yet, and they're still keeping him in those conditions. now coming up, a federal investigation reveals the political arm of the bush white house, headed by karl rove,
6:35 pm
repeatedly broke the law to help republican political candidates. the details are amazing. and it's political prom night tonight. democrats and republicans are finding dates for the state of the union, about you who would sit with sarah palin if she was going? the answer is coming up. stay with us. go to e-trade and get unbiased analyst ratings and 24/7 help from award-winning customer support to take control of your finances and your life. tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps. to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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a new report says that george w. bush white house broke the law, repeatedly. they brazenly used tax dollars to try to get republicans elected. the office of special counsel just released the results of a three-year investigation into president bush's office of political affairs, yeah, the one by karl rove. the report found that up to the run-up, operatives actually moved into the white house and worked with the political office's staff to coordinate the campaign. they're, of course, not allowed to do that. then they used federal tax dollars to send members of the administration to the
6:39 pm
battleground districts. political appointees participated in a whopping 183 events with republican candidates in the three months before the 2006 election. and finally they held mandatory briefings on election strategy for republican appointees who were supposed to be serving the american people in their roles as our government agents. all of it is in direct violation of the hatch act, which is a 1939 law prohibiting most political employees from engaging in partisan political, and bans used federal money to pay for the activities. but since the bush administration is no longer in office, charges can no longer be filed. it's up to the justice department. and so far they're not commenting. i can guess their response, we only look forward, which is a standard obama strategy.
6:40 pm
now, if you robbed a bank, do you think prosecutors would look backward? my guess is yes, but then you're not a bush official. joining mess is jeffrey rosen, a law professor at george washington university. first of all, what are some of the damages details? >> well, it's very serious. this is a three-year investigation, and it found there were repeated violations. 75 briefings held between 2001 and 2007. the details are amazing, as you said. the white house counsel office warned the white house to stop holding these brifings during working hours. they said at least do it after hours, but the white house ignored those requests, continued to hold the meetings, sent officials from the veterans department, from the health and human services departments all of these political appointees out to stump for republican candidates and to try to raise money and increase the turn out the vote initiatives, all
6:41 pm
leading up to a crucial 2006 election, where democrats took both houses, so it really was a serious and systematic violation, and this report is quite damning in the details. >> i wanted the audience to understand, the people at the veterans department are supposed to work for veterans, nose the republican party or the democratic party. i want to give you a list of the depends that were involved. veteran affairs, transportation, the department of the interior, also the national drug control policy, department of housing and urban development, department of education, department of agriculture, department of health and human services, small business administration, an the department of energy. did they leave any out? >> it is amazing. that list jumped out at me, too. as you suggest, many of these people are civil service employees that are supposed to be nonpolitical, and the purpose
6:42 pm
of the act was to prevent people in government from shaking down citizens for contributions and for allowing any federal dollars to go for partisan political activities. it's a systematic and repeated breach. as a result of this henry waxman said a while ago that this office, the office of political affairs should be shut down, and coincidentally or not, the obama administration just recently right before this report came out, announced its intention to shut down the office on its own and move the functions over to the democratic national committee. the democrats are now shuttering up the office, but there may be no clear recommend did i for the republican violations. >> by the way, i follow politics, professor. believe me, it was not a coincident. >> i'm sure you're right. >> that goes to that same point. look, the republicans abused the law, and when the democrats get in power, they say my god, i
6:43 pm
can't believe they did that, but they don't do it anymore, but don't prosecute. do you think the justice department will follow up? two, if they don't, does that send a message that if you're a rep administration, don't worry about it, it's not really against the law, just a dichbs the opinion? >> it's slightly complicated by the peculiarities of this law. the general is they kicking out of office. obviously that can't happen. the second, there's a requirement that the office make a referral to the justice department asking for a criminal prosecution. in this case the office did no do that, so the justice department isn't completely free to initiate the prosecution on its own. does that mean there's no remedy at all? at the very least, people could demand the republican national committee reimburse taxpayers for the illegally spent money they weren't supposed to have used on these supposed political trips packaged as business trips. the democrats in congress could
6:44 pm
ramp up the political pressure, even if the justice department decides no the to prosecute. >> all right. when you break the law, i prefer that you go to prison. if it means getting some of the money back, hey, professor rosen, i'll take your deal. you win. >> sounds good. >> thank you for being on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. at least an idea to give something back, right? >> i've got to do what you can. the law is the law. good stuff. right. there you go. coming up darrell icea called the obama administration corrupt, ironic after what we just told you, and vowed to hold an investigation. but first day on the job didn't work out well, because shockingly democrats fought back. stay with us. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. here's one story. my name is jose. i'm from california and i'm a messenger and deliver all over the place.
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today we got a reality check on the bipartisanship sweeping washington. day 1 for republican darrell icea as chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. it didn't take long for a clash to break out. today's fight was whether democrats would have a say over when the committee issues. >> would the gentleman suspend? >> no -- >> if the gentleman would suspend. >> no, i want to make my point. >> can i ask the gentleman why you didn't offer this two years ago or fouriering if it was so important? >> that's fascinating. absolutely fascinating that the now minority didn't see to change the rules when they actually had the votes and the majority to do it. >> your actions today are very different. they are not bipartisan at all. >> my question is very straightforward. do you intend, as a general practice, barring rare exceptions, to seek the concurrence of the ranking
6:50 pm
member and a vote? >> i love icea talking about two to four years ago. he opposed every investigation. they lost about $12 billion in iraq, and he says, look, sometimes the money gets lost. now he's concerned? eventually he agreed to, quote, consult with democrats, whatever that means. is he not merciful, just like mitch mcconnell? joins me is eleanor holmes norton. congresswoman, you were there. what happened today? why did we have fireworks? >> when you consider how contentious real investigations can get to be, it was a mistake to start out with a dispute over an issue that could easily have been solved. every chairman beforehand has engaged in a repartee with the ranks member that clarifies the rules that says they will
6:51 pm
essentially consult on subpoenas and seek a vote where necessary. chairman icea refused to do that, and yet in the committee, when we went back and forth, he said indeed it was his every intention to consult. he said that except when it was impractical, as over recesses or impossible, if that's the case, why not engage in the same repartee with the ranking member to clarify the rules as before. you don't start out when you're trying to separate yourself from the burton era, where they subpoenaed the white house 1,200 times, when you're trying to create the allure of fairness by picking a fight on a procedure issue like this. that tends to impugn the fairness of the chairman. >> when we get to the subtans of
6:52 pm
it, i want to run a clip where darrell icea had on rush limbaugh's program and get your reaction to it. >> there will be a degree of gridlock as the president adjusts to the fact that he has been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times. he's going to have to come back a different direction. all right. so after that, of course, icea back-pedalled a bit when he got in trouble, but look at his original intent. they're going to come guns blazing, aren't they? >> he says he's not. he says i'm not going to investigate the white house but he is going to investigate regulations. >> if you want to investigate regulations where some of us feel strongly about regulations that preserve human health, that
6:53 pm
have saved our financial system, why don't you save your fire for that, instead of arguing over something that past chairs are readily agreed upon, which is to consult with a minority, that's us, when it came to subpoenas. the name-calling hasn't done any good here. the name-calling which, as you said chairman icea had to walk back, left the impression that he was going to be unfair. this would have been an occasion to show that he intended fairness it could have been more contentious. he walked it back, too. the major problem was he would not engage in a form at repartee which would have avoided all this, and he could have started out fresh with contention on some real issues, which we fully expect. >> all right.
6:54 pm
congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. all right. coming up, it's date night at the state of the union tonight. they're pairing off, trying to be nice, democrats and republicans going together. i thought of a few odd couples. i'll tell you who glenn beck and sarah palin would be going with tonight. that's next. [ william ] three years ago, i started my first real job as a part time sales associate with walmart. when william came in i knew he had everything he needed to be a leader in this company. [ william ] after a couple of months, i was promoted to department manager. like, wow, really? me?
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6:58 pm
it's a bipartisan prom night tonight at the state of the union, so i came up with my own odd couples. first up, michael moore and glenn beck. the date could wind up disastrous, because this is what beck says he'd like to do with moore. >> i'm thinking about killing mike real moore. i'm wondering if i could kill him myself, or if i would need to hire somebody to do it. i think i could. i think he could be looking me in the eye, you know? and i could be choking the life out of him. >> sounds lovelly. sounds like the worst date in the world. next valley plame and karl rove. he took her out before, but that was a different type of outing. the real fun couple of the night, alan gracin and michele bachmann. who wouldn't want to see that date? well, alan grayson, i suppose.
6:59 pm
and finally howard dean and sarah palin. she could take him on an outing in alaska, and by the end of the night dean could be saying -- >> we're going to california and texas and new york, and we're going to south dakota, and oregon, and washington, and michigan, and then we're going to go to washington, d.c. to take back the white house yay! >> especially the scream at the end. all right. look. i'm cenk uygur. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow. stay with msnbc for complete coverage of the president's state of the union tonight. a live edition of "hardball" is next, followed by "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" at its new time. state of the union coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. followed by an all-new last word at 11:00, and all new


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